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Felix, she added, was distraught.

But Holsen told a different story. Felix hadn't retired at all. Huether fired her, Holsen alleged, because Felix had been too dedicated to the public library system, and Huether lacked the same dedication.

said, it's because he's changing the way city government operates, and that requires "stirring the pot" and angering the old guard, of which Holsen is a member.

"Occasionally," he said, "I'll get a Google alert. And when I read her stuff, half of it is kind of on base. And the other half of it is pure, made up junk. So I don't know who's feeding her. I don't know where she's getting her Asics Men's Gel-scram Trail Running Shoes Reviews

Holsen said she's always had strong opinions about issues. But in government, her job was to serve the mayor she worked for, and she kept her opinions to herself. Retirement and the glories of the Internet have set her free.

The announcement in January that Felix was leaving caught plenty by surprise. She was highly regarded by people at the city, in the library system and at Minnehaha County, which is a partner in the Siouxland system. She came to Sioux Falls eight years earlier after an exhaustive national search.

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Holsen says she started the blog as a form of therapeutic release, a way to express her opinions after keeping them to herself all those years. She says she doesn't care if people read it, but she's evidently happy that people do.

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Huether has taken note. He says it's obvious that Holsen doesn't like him. He says he's never met her and doesn't understand why she's writing negative Red Asics Gel Kayano things about him. Perhaps, he Womens Asics Gel Lyte V

Siouxland's board of trustees has started a national advertising campaign to replace Felix. Ultimately, Huether will make the final decision about the next head of Siouxland. Holsen will no doubt be watching and writing about it all.

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And her experience tells her Huether needs a thicker skin, she said. Fact is, when you're mayor, people are going to be critical of some of your decisions. "He needs to put on his big boy pants," Holsen said.

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Red Asics Gel Kayano

Holsen says the two have met, at former Mayor Dave Munson's retirement party. Anyhow, nobody is feeding her information, she insists. City employees do not provide her with material for her blog. She gets her information by reading the newspaper, watching City Council meetings and other city productions. She formulates opinions based on what she sees in public and based on her experience in government.

Holsen says she "just about went through the roof" when she watched an "Ask the Mayor" segment. In that segment, Huether said the city was "blessed" to have Felix but that she had "made the decision to retire."

Nobody disputes the fact that Huether has the discretion to hire and fire his department directors. They are at will employees who serve at the pleasure of the mayor. As the director of human resources for the city, Holsen saw plenty of political appointees come and go. But there are right ways and wrong ways to handle such matters, and Felix's was not handled correctly, Holsen contends.

Feb. 25, the former human resources director for the city of Sioux Falls posted an explosive item on her blog.

"I was fired by Mayor Huether," Felix wrote to me in a recent email.

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Red Asics Gel Kayano

Red Asics Gel Kayano

Huether didn't want to talk about the specifics surrounding Felix's departure. He said that both he and Human Resources Director Bill O'Toole had agreed with Felix to treat the matter "professionally and respectfully." However, he did insist she retired.

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Felix said, the mayor is right. "Fortunately, I was able to retire when fired. I took the best offer, which was to retire at the end of February. It is true I retired, but not until I was first fired." She added that she had hoped to stay with the city until construction begins on a west side library.

information, and I don't know why she's doing this."

"That's a lie," says Holsen. For followers of city government, it's become must reading although not all of her posts deal with city government. Holsen had been with the city 25 years before retiring in October 2008. Her years of service at such a high level give her insight on what's happening at City Hall. Holsen has joined up with the Build it Downtown group, which wants a new events center built downtown. Her thoughts on Huether have soured quickly: During the runoff election she supported him and even donated to his campaign.

Jennifer Holsen's post happened to go online at the same time Sally Felix's career with the city was coming to an end. Officially, Felix, the director of Siouxland Libraries, had retired an announcement made several weeks earlier by Mayor Mike Huether.

Holsen's version departed significantly from the official line on Felix's departure. And, according to Felix, it was correct.

´╗┐End of city career adds intrigue to local blog

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