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Asics Kayano 19

got little aid from either Chretien, who felt his colleague hadn't defended him during the sponsorship scandal, or Paul Martin (who has since made appearances with candidates).

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Asics Kayano 19

Nancy Gordon runs a Asics Gel Blast 5

Asics Kayano 19

Both camps think the candidates are Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Womens

Next, enter Stephane Dion, seen as the "hatchet man" of Chretien on the Clarity Act, Tanguay says. The legislation was as reviled inside Quebec as it was admired outside.

Asics Kayano 19

Asics Kayano 19

The Bloc is "throwing everything at us all the volunteers, all Asics Kayano 19 the resources . they desperately want to hang on" to the riding, Trudeau says.

Asics Kayano 19

Third, the party was weakly organized in Quebec, says Queen's University political scientist Kathy Brock. Leaders depend somewhat on their predecessors to help them, but Dion Asics Gel Advance 6 Cricket Shoes

´╗┐ELECTION WEB EXTRA On the hustings with Justin

tanning studio two doors away from Trudeau's campaign office.

But the 36 year old politician knows it will take something beyond his name to wrench this multi ethnic, working class riding from its incumbent Bloc Quebecois MP, Vivian Barbot.

Equally desperately, the Liberals want to win, to show that not only can they keep seats in Quebec, they can post gains. Trudeau's fight encapsulates the struggles of the Liberals throughout the province.

Successors, including Jean Chretien, were less able to pull it off, he says. So today's Liberals are left defending their "last fortress": Anglophone Montreal and parts of the Ottawa valley.

The night Trudeau inaugurated his campaign, protesters filled the sidewalk, blocking Gordon's customers from her shop. "They couldn't get around the people," she says. "I didn't expect this."

Asics Kayano 19

Finally, notes Brock, the Bloc Quebecois has gained ground because of Stephen Harper's unpopular changes to culture and Gilles Duceppe's tour de force during the debates.

Starting with the name. Many Quebecers disagreed with Pierre Elliott Trudeau's staunch belief they could maintain their culture and language without special status. But PET's vision carried the party and mostly still does, says Brian Tanguay, chairman of political science at Wilfrid Laurier University.

All of which means Justin Trudeau has his work cut out. Even while being singled out, by an "Anyone but Trudeau" contingent of protesters.

Justin personally visited later to see if she was OK, Gordon says. She was impressed but won't be voting for him. Unlike Rosalina Nunes, she doesn't live in Papineau.

neck and neck. Papineau had historically gone Liberal until the respected, Haitian born Barbot vanquished Grit cabinet minister Pierre Pettigrew in 2006.

Trudeau, the Liberal candidate for the Montreal riding of Papineau, gets this a lot when he goes door to door. Memories among people of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Fame for Justin's moving eulogy at his father's funeral. Status as a celebrity Montrealer married to a television personality.

Asics Kayano 19

Asics Kayano 19

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