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Shahabur Alam (Left) with son Hafij and Ghulam Rahman(right) and son Zarif say it gives them an opportunity to connect with other Muslims in Saskatoon. Kelly Malone/News Talk Radio

"These events are always in one gathering not in separate gatherings. If you have enough people you should always do it in one gathering that's how we try to maintain Asics Gel Fireblast

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Rahman's son played Hafij Alam outside the CUC afterwards. Alam's father Shahabur said events like this bring the Muslim community together.

"This event also signifies the events that took place in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible. If you look at the Old Testament in Genesis, Abraham was trying to sacrifice his son for God," he said.

"This event aligns with that and we do the sacrifice to signify that event. We sacrifice for God to basically gain piety and more righteousness," he said.

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"We have been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of year. People were doing it in previous generations so we are following them," he said.

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city of Mecca.

Women hug after praying.

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in Saskatoon.

Faruqi explained that Eid al Adha honours the willingness of Ibraham (Abraham) to sacrifice his son to God.

"This is enjoyable. We get to meet each other. There are people we don't meet all the time but we get to meet them today," he said.

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Ghulam Rahman went with his family, including his young son Zarif.


Women gather in a Asics Gel Lyte V Triple Red separated area with children to pray at the Eid al Adha event Asics Kayano 22 Black

It is aligned with the annual Hajj pilgrimage to the Saudi Arabian holy Asics Gel Lyte New

"All the people from the poor to the top, all the people are equal here. They can feel they are all equal, they are all humans, they are all equal here."

The seats in Credit Union Centre were empty but the floor was full as thousands of people celebrated Eid al Adha on Tuesday morning.

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´╗┐Eid al Adha brings thousands out for Muslim celebration

"This event is also mentioned in the Quran, in Muslim history."

The event organized between Saskatoon's two mosques and the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan gave people an opportunity to pray together on the religious holiday celebrated worldwide.

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"It's good to see that the community is growing and people are coming to Saskatoon," he said.

Faruqi moved to Saskatoon five years ago when he said there were around 2,000 Muslim people. In 2011 Statistics Canada said there were 5,680 Muslims in the city.

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