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losing a sizeable portion of those to the posting season ? At best, with some very fortunate postings in, we can only hope to keep what we have now. And it just Asics Kayano 22

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´╗┐End of an era for 4 Wing music

"We're going to try to find a couple of players to support things that require solo pipers. If we keep piping alive that way then maybe that'll help serve as a magnet to draw whatever players might come into town," Gaye noted.

Several factors have contributed to the decline in participation, including 4 Wing downsizing over the years and an increased operational tempo, which has inevitably resulted in higher work priorities.

"These things can run in cycles, and you never know," he surmised. "If interest revives one day, maybe we can bring it back."

The 4 Wing Pipes and Drums Band has been a staple of the local Asics Gel Lyte Black Tan community in one incarnation or another for 45 years, but their notes will sadly no longer ring through the air after this week.

He added, "It's just a crying shame that we couldn't sustain it here."

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"We'll be designating a few duty pipers for the Wing and we'll try to find ways to incorporate them into Brass and Reed performances where possible," he said, adding that he will keep a basic supply of pipe band equipment in stock.

The 4 Wing Pipes and Drums Band will be performing for the last time at a private function during the annual Air Force Mess Dinner on the evening of Friday, March 30.

Along with regular changes in command ceremonies and various parades, the band has performed some of the most prestigious events in history, having played across the country, in the US and in Denmark, as well as performing for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in Yellowknife in 1994.

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"Now we will be Asics Gel Lyte Miami Vice

It's a sad day for it to come to this," Sgt. Gaye admitted. "Piping isn't a military wide tradition, although you see a lot of it. Some Highland regiments in the army have a tradition of piping, and the RCAF. But most of the army and the navy doesn't have pipers, but it's a very important part of the RCAF heritage."

On the flip side, 4 Wing's Brass and Reed Band continues to thrive, as there's Asics Gel Pink

Originally established as the RCAF Station Cold Lake Highland Appreciation Club in 1962, it eventually fell under the umbrella of the 4 Wing Band in 2006.

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Sgt. Gaye added, "Both bands here are volunteer bands, so we depend on the availability of players. No one's posted here to fill the ranks of the pipe band or the brass reed band.?

Despite this, Sgt. Gaye commented he has no intention of letting piping die all together at 4 Wing. It sadly just won't be the full band experience we've grown to love.

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Asics Gel Lyte Black Tan

He explained participation has been in decline for several years, and thus can just no longer be sustained.

a seemingly endless supply of military members who have played in high school or community bands. The Pipes and Drums Band however have not had as much luck finding experienced players.

So we're dependent on whatever players just happen to be around, and unfortunately for the time being at least, we've just run out.?

"We've been trying to keep it going with six to nine players, and since they have other duties and can't all commit to every requirement for the band, we just don't have the depth," he said.

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isn't enough."

In addition, most performance opportunities have traditionally come in the summertime during various military and civilian ceremonies. And this is the prime season for military personnel requesting temporary leave.

Sgt. Jeff Gaye, has been with the band since his posting here in 1990, and took over the reigns as bandmaster last June.

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